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House Of Devi

Lucky You Sweatpants

Lucky You Sweatpants

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100% Organic Cotton

Made in India, Designed in the USA

Meet the Senorita loungepants – the perfect match for your Senorita Sweatshirt. These pants are more than just comfy; they're a nod to strength and culture.

Feel inspired with "Run Simran Run" on the right leg, encouraging you to go after your dreams. On the left leg, henna designs and delicate bee hives symbolize collaboration and shared goals.

Wear them with the Senorita sweatshirt for a complete look that shows off your charm and tenacity. Or, rock them on their own – either way, these sweatpants are a simple yet powerful statement of your unique journey and strong spirit.

Step into comfort, style, and cultural pride with the Senorita Sweatpants, because everyone deserves an outfit that tells her story and celebrates her strength.

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